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Health Yoga Journal has illustrious writers from 40+ countries. We have published Authors, Novelists and Poets writing for us, who have joined hands with this vision of inspiring the masses through real-time experiences, inspiring stories and their accomplishments. This eMagazine is a meek gesture to the negative emotions, feelings and thoughts that we are completely intolerant to them and we believe in “All Positive, No Gossips!”

We are glad to know you wish to write for us. Submit your write-up below.

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We’re always interested in relevant, engaging and unique content from contributors. If you’d like to write for Health Yoga Journal, please read the information on this page carefully before submitting your article idea.

Health Yoga Journal provides information for all readers . Typically our articles will either be informational pieces on a certain topic of health, yoga, Ayurveda, lifestyle, fitness, shopping, etc.

Our editorial goal: To inform and engage users who are seeking information on a health topic in an engaging, friendly but knowledgeable way.

We pay for high quality articles accepted for publication on Health Yoga Journal. Payment is made via UPI, PayTm, Google Pay, Phone Pay within 24 hours of your finished article being approved.

Write-Ups Guidelines:Content: The content must align with our over-all theme of the eMagazine – to be Inspiration Through Information.

Category: You can select the category and its description shall appear below it and accordingly make your submissions to right category. Incorrect submissions shall not be considered and will have to under-go multiple editorial reviews. More than few incorrect submissions frequently shall lead to de-activation of the account.

Length: Ideally the length advised is 800-2000 words. The minimum length is ensured to help you produce the content with depth, quality and research. The maximum length is for obvious reasons.

Back-links: Only back-links to your own website/social media profiles shall be permitted. Any back-links requested for clients or others in your network whom you are promoting would be charged. You can ask for latest rate card as it changes every month. Links to articles/sites/videos moving the people out of our site would be discouraged and added only under editorial discretion.

Photos: High Definition & relevant photographs must be submitted for our usage. Not more than 5 photographs would be used per article feature. More than 5 shall only be considered under very special conditions.

Videos: No videos shall be hosted on our server. Videos are welcome, to be embedded into the article. You can share the YouTube/Vimeo link for the video with us for us to embed.

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