October 22, 2020

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The Importance of Your Wedding Day Timeline

Weddings are one of the most important milestones of a person’s life, at the same time weddings with its many rituals, customs, demands can be quite stressful on the families involved. However careful planning, preparation can help in reducing the tensions paving the way for a momentous event to be made more memorable.

Any weddings will normally require 4 important things, venue, invites for the guests, a wedding dress for the couples & their relatives, food.

Consult with your partner and prepare an invite list, Do you wish to have all your relatives, extended relatives as well as friends on this special occasion? Or do you wish to keep it close and intimate with few chosen ones?

Venues can be small, medium or big based on the number of invites, the scale of the wedding which involves the rituals and various customs. There are many hotels, Community halls providing exemplary services for the generous amount. Those who are inclined to keep it simple can always opt for Community Park, Public institutions which could have a beautiful and large backyard (outdoor wedding) or even your own house!

Decorate the venue with flowers that are in season or have a themed wedding where the décor is based on a chosen theme.

Hire a florist/ decorator to design the dais or the platform, setting it apart from the rest of the décor of the hall for this is where The Bride and groom will exchange their vows and uniting in matrimonial bond.

Invites are your messages requesting the presence of persons who matter to you. Choose the layout, the wording carefully. Invites can be sent through traditional medium of posts or couriers or one can get tech smart and opt for e-invite.

The tips may be simple and obvious, but if you can really use them, you would be saving some bucks and would be able to enjoy your Wedding-day to the fullest.