The health of your teeth depends a lot on what you eat. If you don’t follow a balanced diet, your oral health will definitely suffer over time. After all, teeth too require care, nourishment and nutrients like other body parts and if not provided, they can be harmed. Your pearly […]

Impetigo is certainly considered to be a highly contagious skin disease. As the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria enter the bruises and cuts, the individual is prone to red sores, blisters, skin lesions and small crusts. If you are seeking to treat impetigo, then that would depend on the severity of the […]

Having an ideal body weight is vital for a healthy life. Ayurveda says that being under weight or over weight can cause many problems. One should understand the needs of the body is very essential especially how to eat in different seasons. In the holiday season it is quite easy […]

When water is stored in a copper utensil, the water naturally and safely absorbs small amounts of copper. This ionizes the water and becomes alkaline in nature. Due to this amazing property, it won’t be wrong to say that copper utensils are the perfect choice for making natural alkaline water. […]