How to Prepare Alkaline Water with Copper Utensils

When water is stored in a copper utensil, the water naturally and safely absorbs small amounts of copper. This ionizes the water and becomes alkaline in nature.

Due to this amazing property, it won’t be wrong to say that copper utensils are the perfect choice for making natural alkaline water. The process of making alkaline water in a copper utensil is fairly similar to the natural process through which alkaline water is prepared in nature. In a natural environment, the water passes through rocks and mountains and absorbs all the minerals on its way.

A recent study established that the water stored in a copper vessel such as a copper water bottle or a copper jug turns into alkaline water. It was found that the longer the water was stored in the copper vessel, the higher was its pH level. The copper was also checked for its effect on microbial contaminated and was found that after storing the contaminated water in the copper vessels for several hours, the water was decontaminated entirely of any type of microbes.

Making alkaline water with a copper vessel at home is as simple as filling up a water bottle with drinking water and keeping it overnight to alkalize naturally. The longer the water is stored in the copper utensil, the higher the alkalinity it will attain. The degree and speed of the alkalization depend on various factors such as the temperature, pH level, etc.

Make it a point to use copper water bottle/copper vessel made of 99-100% pure copper and is unlined. It is better to do thorough research before you go ahead and purchase your copper vessel. There are hundreds of sellers both, online and offline, “pure coppervessels. Often these products are made of cheap material and not pure copper, and it is impossible for a normal person to identify. Always look for sellers who specialize in copper vessels and get your products from them only.

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