How to Perform Enema in a Few Simple Steps

An enema is a procedure which involves injecting liquid into the colon via the rectum in order to get rid of the accumulated waste and gas. An elevated enema bag kit is filled with an enema solution and then the solution is allowed to flow into the colon via the rectum. This helps in stimulating the colon walls and forces your colon to expel the wastes out of the body. The water helps with loosening up the dry matter and helps with easily and elimination.

Though nothing could be better than a colonic performed by a professional gets you a deeper cleanse. An at-home enema session still gives you results very similar to a colonic with spending the same amount of money and at the comfort of your own house.

Apart from the medical use, the enema is one of the most valuable tools to get rid of the wastes which get caught up in the body and then impacts your bowel movement.

Here is a step by step guide to perform your very own at home enema session:

1. Get an enema bag from your local supplier or you can also look at online stores selling enema equipment/enema supplies. Before administering the enema, make sure to read all the instructions which come with the enema kit. This will help you with putting up the enema kit.

2. Select a suitable time, preferably a time when you don’t have to go out after performing the enema and you have an empty stomach.

3. Find out a nice and warm spot near the restroom and you can start the procedure. Set up the enema kit and fill it with lukewarm filtered water.

4. Keep some big, old towels handy and forget to get some coconut oil for lubrication.

5. Spread a towel on the floor for you to lie down and place a rolled one to place under your head.

6. Hang the enema bag and open the pinch clamp. Allow some liquid to flow out of the hose as it will get rid of any air bubbles and then close the clamp.

7. Lie down on your left-hand side and lubricate your anal area with the coconut oil. You can also apply some oil on the enema nozzle/tube before inserting it.

8. Slowly insert the enema tube into the colon and stop when you reach a 3-inch mark or when you start feeling resistance.

9. Now open the shut clamp and allow the water to flow through the colon slowly. If at any point you feel cramping, slow down the flow of the water or simply shut it entirely.

10. Once all the water is administered, shut down the clamp and remove the nozzle. Turn to your right side and try to retain the enema for 10 minutes or for as long as you can.

11. Now go to the toilet and release all the held up water and waste.

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