Herbal Remedies Work Best for Seasonal Allergies

The changing weather takes a toll on you and makes you feel at your worse. Some people are prone to seasonal allergies whereas some get the allergy due to acting irresponsible and staying ignorant towards their health. Allergy does not have any specific type rather there are many which can be classified on the basis of various factors. Some kinds of allergies are

• Seasonal Allergy
• Food Allergy
• Animal Allergy
• Drug Allergy
• Contact Dermatitis

And many others about which we are not even aware about.

There is no perfect cure for allergies but there are definitely some helpful natural home remedies that can help in getting you relief from the medicines.

With these few simple ways in with the help of herbal remedy for seasonal allergy, you can easily help yourself at the comfort of your home to treat your allergies.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is one of the most useful condiments inside your kitchen. Not only can you clean your utensils, kitchen sink, water taps, and showers with it but also it can help you to clean your inside out. Not only is this but it can also be used on the top of your beautiful salad dressing, to give a pop to the marinades. Have sweaty clothes then all you need is apple cider vinegar to wash it all off. Putting it in your daily diet this can also help to reduce the heartburn and if it used in a diluted way with water then it can help in treating dandruff.

It also helps in reducing the mucus production as it can totally cleanse your lymphatic system.

You can dilute it in water and drink it or add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to water and also add a spoon of honey into it and take it.

Exercising is one great remedy to save you from all the pain during the year

Do moderate exercises daily and it is the best relief from all things bad. When in our daily life we keep on eating and keep those unhealthy things accumulating in our body then it could give birth to many unwanted diseases. Also, there is a scientific reason behind it which is that while doing exercises our body produces or creates an anti-inflammatory effect that clears the nasal passages which reduces the symptoms of allergies.

Neti Pot + Saline Rinse

The nasal passage is made up of many tiny passages. When dirt, dust, pollen tries to enter our body through these passages then at that time these are caught in the middle of the passage and gets trapped there. Until and unless your body fully gets rid of it keeps on trying to flush and throw it out of your system. And this happens in the form of mucous, watery eyes, runny nose or coughing and sneezing.

And, this is when neti-pot comes to the rescue! It can help you relive from the allergy symptoms as the saline rinse helps to clear the passages.

Have you tried acupuncture?

If you haven’t then you must for sure as it is believed that acupuncture can solve a lot of health problems like that of immune deficiency, digestive issues, and muscle weakness. This is known to reduce the allergy symptoms from the roots.

Eliminate the bad with the elimination diet

We might not realize but choosing the best food for our health is the trickiest part! Most individuals do not get relief from the allergy as they neglect one important trigger that is a food allergy.

Take the diet modification and avoid these foods for minimum 3 weeks and it will be a lot better if you can continue it for 6 weeks. Cutting on this diet will show a great improvement:

An elimination diet cuts:

• Gluten
• Dairy
• Soy
• Refined sugar
• Corn
• Alcohol
• Peanuts
• All packaged and/or processed foods
• Eggs

Keep trying the dietary modification; as in for a week cut down your gluten intake, for the next week avoid sugar and for the very next make other changes. Slowly with time, you will realize that cutting on which food makes you feel better and healthy. Eventually, you will realize the difference for yourself.


People tend to ignore the signs and symptoms their body shows with the changing weather; better known as seasonal allergy. But, this is not something you can afford to overlook at any cost. Till a limit the home remedies work but if the problems persist and continue then you must contact a doctor immediately.

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