Everything You Need to Know About Growing Basil

Basil is a herb which you can plant in your kitchen garden. The fragrance of the herb not only is good but beneficial for the health too. Did you know that Basil is a herb which has around 100 health benefits? The herb is used all across the world in various cultures, and in some cultures, it is worshipped. Even the flower of Basil has many medicinal uses. Here are some useful home preparations of Basil to improve health.

Basil Tea – Boil Basil leaves in water and strain the water. The tea can be used in an extreme cough and cold. A great natural way to good health.

Basil leaves to freshen your breath – Chewing Basil leaves early morning is extremely beneficial for the respiratory system. It helps cure a morning sore throat and works as a lung tonic.

Decreases Blood sugar – Chewing early morning also helps reduce blood sugar levels. A wonderful natural way to control blood sugar for diabetic patients.

Good for the stomach – It improves your digestion and the main reason for its use in Italian food. Many elements in Basil help the digestive system work well. Really good for the Italian food which uses lots of cheese.

Add Basil to bathing water – Add some leaves of Basil to the water you will use for bathing. It will improve your skin. It cures all kinds of blemishes on the skin.

Go ahead and plant this wonderful herb in your garden. It brings in positive energy and health.

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